In this episode Movies To Watch Before You Die, Mark is joined by guest Dan Helbling as the two break down the 2005 film V For Vendetta. Directed by James McTeigue. Starring Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving.

Haven’t seen the film yet?  Or maybe you need to refresh your memory? Buy or rent the film here: Hardcopy, Amazon Instant Video, or iTunes.

Film Synopsis

After being saved from an imminent rape by a masked vigilante terrorist in a dystopian England, mild-mannered Evie is entangled in a political conspiracy to help her rescuer begin to unravel his plot to blow up the Parliament building.

In this episode, the guys talk about themes such as the role of government, rebellion, the power of the people, individuality vs. society, identity, ideas, justice, and morality. Mark complains about idioms involving eggs and Dan makes a case for utilitarianism. Tune in to see why.

Did you also know that V For Vendetta is based on a graphic novel series by the same name? It was written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd in the 1980s. Get it for yourself on Amazon or iTunes.

Looking Ahead

Tune into the podcast next week, where Mark and guest Alden Roth will analyze the 2007 film Into The Wild. Haven’t seen it yet? Buy or rent the film here: HardcopyAmazon Instant Video, or iTunes.

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